R.Kelly Still Steppin’ To The Buffet

Just like the King of Pop, the King of R&B has never been short of good music and controversy. Do you separate the man from the music or the music from the man. Whatever the case if you’ve loved R&B there’s not a chance you could have done any lovin’ without a classic R.Kelly song. It’s impossible to imagine the 90’s without R.Kelly playing the soundtrack to some of those major moments in the era.

Wherever R&B is heading now, when R.Kelly makes a return with the announcement of his 13th studio album, it’s an invitation to feast on ‘The Buffet’ of R&B, and just like most buffets, its a guilty pleasure. No R.Kelly album comes complete without a feast full of sexual innuendo’s – it’s the R.Kelly R&B signature and back when he dropped ‘Bump and Grind’, ‘Your Body’s Callin’ and ‘Sex Me’ from his debut solo album ’12 Play’ – R.Kelly always had one thing and only one thing on his mind.

Without R.Kelly we wouldn’t have heard the debut ‘Age Ain’t Nothin But A Number’ from Aaliyah and then again we wouldn’t have had the subsequent controversy surrounding their reported marriage when her age was all about the number.

The musical legacy speaks for itself and an R.Kelly album comes with that legacy attached to it and it’s a product of his bump and grind – R.Kelly recorded more than 470 songs for ‘The Buffet’ over the last 2 years. R.Kelly may have brought Chicago stepping to the outside world but now he’s steppin into a new world where R&B doesn’t reign supreme but he’s still ready to show his kind of music is as infectious as ever. ‘Backyard Party,’ has the groove of ‘Step In The Name of Love‘ and complete with a summer party in his own backyard, check out the video above.

‘The Buffet’ serves up 18 tracks featuring the already previewed ‘Switch Up‘ featuring Lil Wayne and Jeremiah, ‘Wake Up Everybody’ and ‘Marching Band‘ and more features from  Juicy J, Ty Dolla $ign, Tinashe, Wizkid, and Jhené Aiko – but when it comes to R.Kelly his voice is front and centre and it’s still as powerful as ever.


R.Kelly is one of the most successful artists of all time with over 40 million albums sold worldwide, multiple awards and chart hits to his name. Collaborations came aplenty with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber. Bruno Mars, Ja Rule, Jay-Z, and many more and he wrote for some of music’s biggest icons of our time including Michael Jackson, Celine Dion and more.

‘The Buffet’ is released on the 11th of December right on time for cuffing season.