People get emotional about what they listen to, what they watch and who they want to follow. It’s not just content to them it’s a part of their life.

Native Instinct

Nation of Billions is a British platform dedicated to music fans who only follow their native instinct – we go deeper than any other platform because our audience goes all in. Music is more influential to culture then ever before, it’s the soundtrack of our generation.

Nation of Billions is fast becoming the go-to for the ‘insiders‘ of music culture globally and they’re not confined to one genre of music, they’re into everything from every genre.

Native Experience

The music scene has seen a transformation like never before and when it comes to taste, music fans follow their native instinct and they share it globally. You may call them digital-natives – but they’re just living a native experience together and they’ve changed the way business & culture and big technology & music industry are looking to the future.

Hip-hop fans are at the forefront of the digital movement with 18% saying they like to be among the first to buy new media technologies. They’re into gaming, phones, new technology and innovative brands.

Partnering with Nation of Billions gives you an opportunity to access influential artists and a digital-savvy audience and be a part of one of the most rated music scenes today– and that’s not pop-music! To get access to music audiences means throwing out the traditional rulebooks, thinking differently and getting in early.

Native Partnerships

Nation of Billions build partnerships to reach a powerful network and community of music fans.

  • Native partnerships depend forging the relationships, rather than blanket media buys that deliver reach over relevance.
  • Native partnerships bring creativity to branded content, so people get to choose what they experience rather than be forced to endure irrelevant and annoying ads.
  • Native partnerships are about getting social, and sharing stories that people relate to.

Follow your native instinct and partner with us.

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