Krept and Konan talk to DJ Semtex on 1Xtra
Krept and Konan no.2 U.K album
krept and konan on the friday night mixtape with DJ semtex

How Krept & Konan Got Certified

After landing in the U.K albums at NO.2 with their debut album, Krept and Konan headed a long way way from home and landed in New York. Their first stop was to go check out Ebro in the Morning on Hot 97 to talk about their music, grime and their collaborations with Wiz Khalifa, Rick Ross and YG.

Joined by Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez, Krept and Konan broke it down for Ebro explaining that Grime was like hip-hop’s cousin because of its 140bpm tempo, and how it was all family since the time Skepta took them on his first tour in 2011 with Boy Better Know.

Krept and Konan first caught Ebro’s attention with their track Freak of the Week which has started catching some spins on Hot 97 .

Talking about how their collaboration with Rick Ross came about on Certified they explained how DJ Semtex introduced Rick Ross to them at 1Xtra live in Birmingham, after that things moved fast.

Semtex said ‘Yo Rick Ross wants to get into the studio with you tomorrow’

DJ Semtex caught up with Krept and Konan on the week of their album release on his Friday Night Mixtape on 1Xtra. There are implications for years to come with the significance of their Top 5 album and Top 10 single charting in the same week!