Jay Electronica Goes Hard On ‘Holladay’

There’s only one way to look at the cult status that Jay Electronica has – if you’re still waiting for the debut album you are well and truly a believer.

Semtex caught up with Jay Electronica sometime way back when we thought the album would be wrapped up out of the studio in the U.K and heading to our headphones – “I appreciate the UK fans, they been showing me love and support from the beginning, from the first time I came over here when a lot of people didn’t know who I was, people was fans of the songs, so…this is a home to me, I look forward to spending more time over here, and also getting into the mechanics of things in the cultural environment, but I haven’t had the opportunity. I’m gonna be here a lot! I appreciate the love and support I’ve got out here.” It took another 4 years before he hit the U.K for a gig earlier this March with a mass of fans flooding the stage and still just as enamoured by him as always.

So we may not be able to confirm yet if this leak is just a preview of the forthcoming album, or something that was tucked away for a while just waiting for the right time. Either way at just over 2 minutes long ‘Holladay’ has all the elements to satiate the hardcore fans with some classic Hip-Hop bells – he’s only gone done it the way we expect it to be done when Jay Electronica spits some bars. Fierce!