Ady Suleiman and The Social Experiment

Why Ady Suleiman Digs The Independent Way

Celebrating his birthday and being asked to support Chance the Rapper & the Social Experiment on a night in London is just another day in the life of Ady Suleiman.

Originally from Nottingham, singer-songwriter  Ady Suleiman has drawn influences from a range of legendary artists like Erykah Badu, Bob Marley and J.Dilla to perfect his own soulful sound. But recent collaborations with The Social Experiment broadened his horizons in music.

This is exactly how I wanna do music.

Ady first linked up with Chance the Rapper through Nate from The Social Experiment and a few months later ended up in the studio with the band in L.A working on sessions for their album Surf. Appearing as a featured artists on the Surf album was an unexpected surprise in itself, let alone the fact that he featured on the track ‘Rememory’ alongside Erykah Badu herself. It wasn’t till the day ‘Surf’ came out that he found out he’d made the final album cut.

Chance the Rapper’s importance as an artist doing it the independent way hasn’t gone un-noticed by Ady who finds the whole vibe of the Social Experiment crucial in reinvigorating his love for music.  ‘They’re all mates, who grew up together and doing it for fun”.

For Ady his personal dream is to be able to “wake up everyday and go to studio with your best pals and make music and at the same time make history, make waves across the world”.

Chance the Rapper is certainly living that dream and although Ady recently signed to major label Sony Music, he sounds envious of the fact that the Social Experiment have a passion for music in a whole different way without all the hangups about breaking through in the industry.

I’m Jealous of the Dude Man!

Ady’s currently recording his own album and getting ready to drop a 2nd EP before the end of the summer, he might even try to get a favour back off Chance The Rapper for a spot on his own album.